Student Activity

Student Activities in MIC

There are different student-focused extracurricular clubs and programs offered at Maryland International College (MIC). Student activities are generally designed to allow students to become more involved on campus. Often, such activities provide the students with opportunities to develop leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, volunteerism, and employment experience. These activities are typically overseen by Student Affairs. The Director of student affairs will guide the clubs and programs in their operations, set the minimum standards that these organizations should achieve, and help these organizations network with similar organizations at other institutions.

Our activities

Environmental Awareness

We are creating awareness to the society and they will start to understand, how human activity is impacting nature. Finally, we will embrace new ideas of how to protect nature, and why this is so important. During our volunteer work, we can promote environmental awareness.

Learning to be more environmentally friendly is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more sustainable and a part of your normal life.

Women’s Empowerment

We will be teaching life-skills to women, in order to allow for them to grow personally and professionally. While you make it easier for the young women to access quality education, you end up improving their future empowerment opportunities.

Participating in Ethiopian Red Cross Society

We are actively participating in Ethiopian Red Cross Society in different activities such as health and health related initiatives, prevention and control of different diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Covid -19 disease, and the promotion of humanitarian values. Workings together, we save live and help people.

Other activities…

  • Donate or raise money for Ethiopian Red Cross Society
  • Participate in different charity
  • Donate books to government school library
  • Cleanup your environment and local river
  • Plant a tree
  • Donate foods, clothes and other materials to homeless society.
  • Helping homeless children